Seniors on the Move
Seniors - On - The - Move
Transition, Downsizing and Estate Sale Services 

                                                                                Opening  New Doors to Choices in Care

Overwhelmed, do not know where to start, well stop and take a deep breath.  Every family is different in their needs'; we take our program and tailor it to their needs.  Whether you are an adult child and live away from your parents or your living two blocks from where you are transitioning into retirement, call us and let Seniors on the Move, LLC  help with answers that lead to solutions. Twenty five years of working with seniors and adult children make us a valuable resource to opening new doors in choices of care.

Our outline below describes our services that are available to you and your loved ones.

 1.  Declutter and pack for new residence
 2.  Manage and set up movers for move day/ arrange estimate appointment from mover 
 3.  Change address, utility setup
 4.  Onsite supervision on  morning of move 
 5.  Room layout and staging planned prior to move
 6.  Unpack and remove boxes
 7.  Set up and stage each room,make beds, set up kitchen and baths.
 8.  Set up Estate Sale for home's liquidation of remaining items.
 9.  Arrange after sale Buy outs, Clear outs or Donation pick up
10. You are ready for your home to be placed on market


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